Monocrystal share in the global sapphire market is approaching 50%


Monocrystal, the world leader in the cultivation and processing of synthetic sapphire, estimates its share in the global sapphire market for LEDs at 44%, adding over 12 percentage points over the past six months.

“The size of our share is calculated based on the data from the Yole Development independent analytical agency, an international expert in the assessment of global high-tech markets,” explains Liudmila Zubova, Monocrystal Marketing Director. “Comparing the volume of the world synthetic sapphire consumption with the real shipments of the company in the first half of 2017, we can confidently say that today almost every second LED in the world is produced using our sapphire components.”

Today, technology leaders in the LED manufacturing industry are switching to use six-inch sapphire wafers, as noted by Yole analysts. This is a large diameter for the industry and not all manufacturers of sapphire wafers are able to provide such dimensions, and most importantly, maintain the impeccable quality of sapphire. Monocrystal was the first company to present 6-inch sapphire wafers to the world market. Today, the company provides more than half of the global consumption of wafers of this diameter. “At the end of 2016, we were the first in the world to produce a sapphire crystal weighing 350 kg. This size allows us to mass-produce large-diameter sapphire wafers, while reducing the cost of a production unit and improving its quality,” comments Zubova. The company explains its success and long-term leadership in the highly competitive global market by the high speed of development and maintenance of technologies.